protecting our environment

what do we do?

At Leonards Cove we are passionate about protecting our environment and doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Have a look at our sustainable actions below

water supply

leonards Cove water

In 2021 we installed a bore hole on our rec field to supply Leonards Cove water to guests. 

We are now able to support guests, staff and our restaurant with fresh, local water. 

A taste of Leonards Cove

Electric chargers

EV charging point

By the main Leonards Cove entrance, two 22W chargers have been installed for guests, staff and local residents to use. There are no other chargers available to the public in Stoke Fleming and we will advertising these chargers to beach visitors as they drive past our site.

You can book and pay for electric using the Vend Electric website and app.

Planting for future generations

Planting trees

The queen's green canopy

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in June we took part in The Queen’s Green Canopy and planted an apple tree.

We are also building our own forrest one tree at a time. Every time a booking is made we plant one tree with Tree-nation, see our trees here 

Celebrating Devon produce